Average digital consumers are much more evolved and sophisticated than one might expect. Strategic media continuously evolves like the viewer. Consumers now desire artistic creativity, sarcastic humor (i.e. the Daily Show with Jon Stewart), and most of all honest sincerity.

From a feature-length documentary like “The Cove” to a clandestine camera used to expose animal cruelty at CAFO’s, nothing has the impact of a perfectly executed, well-timed video.

The popularity of some videos is partly synchronous, sometimes appearing just as public opinion shifts in a new direction. Yet often enough a powerful visual image can push or pull viewers into a new reality.

More than ever, science needs video. Environmental educators understand the pivotal role video plays in furthering their mission, gaining public support and generating the charitable dollars needed to succeed.

When crafted properly and used effectively, videos as large as IMAX or sent to tiny devices held in the palm of a hand can connect us, create a collective consciousness, and power a movement.

H I G H L I N E R  S T U D I O S

…evolved from its first project titled, “Harvester: The California Urchin Diver Experience,” an award-winning environmental documentary shot at the remote Channel Islands.

Urchin harvesters bestow the title “Highliner” on any diver who dives the deepest, who takes the greatest physical risks, who survives the unforgiving ocean to map the few sites where the top-quality, perfectly-shaped urchins reside.

These are the qualities at the heart of every HIGHLINER STUDIOS endeavor.

Since “Harvester,” HIGHLINER STUDIOS has plunged into equally unique, unusual wormholes: ocean preservation, action sports films, political activism, historical memoirs, women entrepreneurs, music festival documentaries, and corporate videos, to name a few.

These projects have taken the HIGHLINER STUDIOS team to exotic locations in Baja, Indonesia, Europe, and South and Central America.

With every assignment, HIGHLINER STUDIOS seeks to explore the psyche of adventure. If it’s high-risk, high-octane entertainment, we begin by asking “Why?” to better understand and portray the emotions, the inspiration, and the microscopic ingredients that forge the characters in our films. Our films reflect this by focusing on process and craft.

HIGHLINER STUDIOS’ precision filming, expert editing, stunning visual effects and Internet video review process help form an unforgettable experience and high-quality end product.

Our costs are miniscule compared to big-city prices for comparable top-quality, superb-looking films.

Experience the HIGHLINER STUDIOS difference.

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