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Making Science Interesting Again

In January 2011, Blue Ocean Productions, Cage Free Productions, Highliner Studios, and Blue Ocean Sciences (BOS) will introduce the “Marine Debris Dream Team” as they cross the Atlantic on The Schmidt Research Vessel Institute’s (SRVI) M/Y Lone Ranger. On the Web Assisted Virtual Education Sustainability (WAVES) interactive website, Blue Ocean Sciences Media Education (BOS ME) will follow this media savvy team of researchers as they study the North Atlantic Gyre and the Sargasso Sea, exploring approximately 3,000 nautical miles of critical ocean environments.

The team aims to analyze the impact debris has on ocean cycling systems (carbon), marine organisms, and us. This information will be used in the development of new technologies to better monitor environmental contaminants in our worlds oceans. The Marine Debris Dream Team whose partners include: NASA, The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Synthetic Genomics, Craig Venter Institute, Pennsylvania State University, Helmholtz Zentrum Laboratory, PACMARA and McGill University, will introduce complex scientific subjects to the world through fun easy-to-understand webisodes, blogs, and online question and answer sessions.

Mentored by Dr. Dijanna Figueroa, narrator of James Cameron’s “Aliens of The Deep”, and by BOS’s President Dr. Andrea Neal, the award winning environmental entrepreneur class from Santa Barbara High School’s Don’s Net CafĂ© will introduce the Marine Debris Dream Team. The students will interview these high level researchers and bring their stories to the world with unique questionnaires and video interviews

On the WAVES site people will be able to interact with the Marine Debris Dream Team. Using Ojingo Labs award winning interactive maps that won the Google Hero Award in 2009, BOS ME will showcase the Marine Debris Dream Team through webisodes by world-renowned producers Jim Knowlton, Paul Lynch and Scott Walker.

Through engaging blogs and interactive question-and-answer sessions people will develop a connection to the Marine Debris Dream Team and the significant impact of marine debris — along with what can be accomplished to prevent monitor, and reverse these detrimental trends.

The public will be given a window into the scientific world of marine debris research while they watch the team expand the limits of traditional debris sampling techniques with new environmental monitoring and assessment equipment. The Atlantic Crossing endeavor and corresponding outreach effort will be a great opportunity to ignite the public’s excitement for creativity, human ingenuity, and exploration.

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