The Gulf Oil Spill and Our Historic Solidarity – Stand in the Sand, Santa Barbara

Posted on: August 30, 2010
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Here is the finished version with all the footage from the event. It was a complete success with a very large turn out. Enjoy!

[This post is dated from 7.25.10]
This last wednesday I went to a BBQ/meeting for the upcoming event at WestBeach, STAND IN THE SAND. People were brainstorming ideas, painting posters, and developing an impromptu advertising agenda. So I decided to throw together a short video to help promote this event.

The Message:
We Stand in the Sand united with the people and communities devastated by the tragic Gulf Coast disaster. We offer our solidarity and resources to assist in the long recovery effort.
The images of the present catastrophe stir painful memories of our own spill 40 years ago, confirming that future oil spills are inevitable: this will happen again unless we change.
The modern environmental movement was sparked by the anger and commitment borne of the Santa Barbara oil spill. A renewed, expanded movement to unite communities rural and urban, coastal and inland, left and right, to promote a clean, renewable energy future must be the legacy of the Gulf Spill Disaster.
This tragedy is being felt throughout our communities – be they fishing, industry, tourism, and beyond – and our response must be equally broad.
Our Call to Action:
-Contribute and commit to the restoration of the Gulf with our hearts, hands, minds, and financial resources.
-Recommit to reducing our personal support of the fossil fuel economy and the by-products it creates. ‘The personal matters.’
-Promote concrete policy changes that usher in a new era of renewable energy source use.

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