Malibu’s Toilet and Tire Dive – A Highliner Studios Theatrical News Brief

Posted on: June 10, 2010
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On board the Tritan, a commercial urchin boat, I dove down to 100ft to video (using the Canon 7D with an Aquatica Housing) a discovery Glen Dexter found some three years ago; a collection of approximately 500 toilets and 500 tires. There was some small sea-life that had found a home in the toilets and tires but the drop location was onto a pre-existing healthy reef. By removing these toilets, the divers were exposing a natural reef. The tires were mostly situated on the sand but our history has shown that tires do not make good underwater homes (tires leach toxins). There is a lot of controversy about this cleanup, but the Tritan commercial vessel and the UC Davis has the best of intentions with some of the most educated and experienced staff.

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